About the Academy

Henry Ford Entrepreneurship Academy teaches future business leaders to think and act like entrepreneurs. Established in 2015, the HFEA offers three-day workshops in the United States, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, with plans to expand to South Africa.

The HFEA promotes a belief that entrepreneurship education is the most powerful economic force in the world. That belief sparks innovation, drives venture creation and reveals how to navigate the complexities that exist in business today. This entrepreneurship education can also contribute to a country's growth and development, possibly lowering the unemployment rate.

What to Expect

HFEA equips current and future entrepreneurs with the tools and know-how to move their idea or venture to the next stage. The program is designed to serve entrepreneurs in a particular region. You’ll receive advanced training from faculty, enriched by the views and advice of local entrepreneurs. 

Fall 2018 Workshops


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Program Topics

The workshops are built around a framework called ‘The Entrepreneurship Journey’ and takes a deep dive into its three domains: Human Story, Mindset and Set of Activities.

Topics include

Conceptualization and creativity: Discover the key elements of creativity and learn how conceptualization is useful to entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship process: From idea to prosperous business, discover the steps and tools of the entrepreneurial process.

Value of the proposal: Learn a framework of expression that allows you to organize and formulate your ideas in order to target potential clients.

Customer discovery: Understand the importance of involving potential customers early in conceptualization, and how to get objective answers on the information you need to make a decision.

Planning the business and its web: Learn the steps you need to take to launch your business and ensure your concept is reproducible and evolving.

Managing a small business: Get the tools you need to help make your business a success.